I am in favor of preserving rural residential aesthetics.

The charm of Rocky View County - a place close to the city but not quite an extension of it - is what has attracted many of us to the county. Not quite countryside, but not the suburbs. The neighbors may not see you walking starkers across the yard, and if they do, they may not care. Maybe you occasionally catch your neighbour's cow grazing in your garden - These experiences are just not available in a more urban setting. A high-density infill neighborhood - where you may hear what radio station your neighbour is listening to while cooking - just doesn't offer the same appeal. Preserve more of what we already have.

The 'Field of Dreams' model for development is not sustainable. It is not a certainty that 'if you build it, they will come.' The council needs to better consider the total costs of development over its lifetime, and not just approve a development because it fits a land use designation at the time. Aside from the initial budget and tax revenue, every project should determine the cost of maintaining the new infrastructure throughout its lifecycle - the cost of replacing it if it suddenly fails, and the impact on the roads and their capacity to handle the extra traffic in addition to the impact on nearby residents.

 Are there plans for ensuring that residents have access to drinking water without the need for it to be trucked in for decades? The residents of Conrich learned this year that buying a 'serviced' lot does not guarantee the lot will come with service when you need it.

 Are we really in need of any development - commercial, industrial, institutional or residential - if it cannot answer those questions? In the end, it will be the residents and ratepayers who will have to clean up the mess - with our wallets, of course.

I am in favor of keeping taxes low. 

It is essential to spend tax revenue on services that residents and ratepayers want to improve their quality of life. Make sure roads are paved if they need to be. We should build culverts if they help mitigate annual flooding. What about baseball diamonds, athletic fields, and other sports facilities? It's worth every penny to support the values those activities foster and represent. Since our taxpayer funds aren't limitless, let's ensure that they are spent on the services our residents want and require.

I consider financial transparency to be the most important aspect of the next Rocky View County government.

Knowing how taxpayer money is spent is essential for residents. We can continue to finance major infrastructure, but how long will we be paying it back? How much extra will be paid in interest? Tell the residents and ratepayers the full cost of financing a project instead of just mentioning the initial fees.

I encourage the creation and building of a Langdon library.

(or Indus, or Dalmead, or Conrich). Libraries fill a need in a community. I’m not saying it needs to have 4000 books or 50 computers, but the community space of a library is important and it would help foster the sense of community.

I believe the new Division 6 has a unique opportunity to serve as a guiding force for Rocky View County and its neighbouring communities.

I firmly believe Division 6 deserves the commitment of a councillor focused on working for and standing up for everyone in Division 6 for the duration of the term.

I believe that with my commitment to community and service to others, I am the choice for council in Rocky County Division 6.