Hello Neighbours!

My name is Jeremy Stinson.

I was born and raised in a rural area just outside of Ottawa, ON. In many ways it is similar to Rocky View County –it’s close to the city - but not the city. It's not the suburbs - but not quite rural. Some people still farm the land and raise animals, yet other people commute for jobs in the city.

My father John was a veterinarian, as was his father before him. My mother, Joan, was an ordained Minister in the United Church. I remember travelling with my father from farm to farm on calls and helping to treat the animals. I remember aiding my mother with services. This commitment to service in my community was ingrained in me.

I left nearly everything behind in Ontario, and moved to Alberta in 2005. It’s not an unfamiliar story - I was hired for a job between the time my plane landed at Calgary International Airport and when I grabbed my luggage at the baggage carousel.

Later, I met my civil servant wife, Jamie, and moved to Rocky View County in 2011. We live in her childhood home with our three rescue cats, Dabble, Boudicca and Tona.

I invest some of my leisure time with community volunteer and service organisations. My wife and I joined the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Calgary in early 2014. With the Eagles, we have helped to donate tens of thousands of dollars to worthy charities. I currently serve as the Provincial President and as such, support and guide Eagle efforts in six communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As Provincial President, I am encouraged to select a charity as a special project. The charity I have chosen is Heart Beats Children’s Society of Calgary (and Southern Alberta). Heart Beats supports the families of children born with congenital heart defects. This charity is near and dear to my heart- literally- I was born with a minor heart defect that was corrected with surgery when I was nineteen.
Jamie and I joined the Chestermere Lions Club in 2015. With the Lions, we have helped at the many community events and blood donor clinics, all the while raising funds and support for causes in Chestermere. My wife has just completed her term as Club President.

I believe that the new Division 6 is uniquely suited to become a guiding force in the direction of Rocky View County and neighbouring communities.

I believe with my commitment to community and service to others, I am the choice for council in Rocky County Division 6.

I want you to succeed. I would love to have a conversation with you about what YOU want from your councillor. There is nothing better than when we succeed, we succeed together.