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The fresh face for the new Rocky View County Division 6

I believe that the new Division 6 is uniquely suited to become a guiding force in the direction of Rocky View County and neighbouring communities.
I want you to succeed. There is nothing better than when we succeed, we succeed together.
I believe with my commitment to community and service to others, I am the choice for council in Rocky County Division 6.

Check out my priorities page for more information.

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About Jeremy Stinson


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To help ensure Jeremy is elected as the new councillor of Rocky View County Division 6 (SE RVC), your donations are appreciated so he and the team can campaign as efficiently as possible.

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Votes are earned one person at a time and elections can be won by a single vote.

Jeremy's goal is to speak with as many residents of the the new Rocky View County Division 6 as possible, but he needs your help.

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